Sweetteeth is Delicious, and Tax Deductible!

Compassionate business pays!

FROM CRA: Meals are only 50% deductible as a business expense, except for a few types, which are 100% deductible!

  • “you incur meal and entertainment expenses for an office party or similar event, and you invite all your employees from a particular location. The limit is six such events per year;
  • the meal and entertainment expenses you incur are for a fund-raising event that was mainly for the benefit of a registered charity; “- T4002-16  CRA

So, invite all your staff to have a sweet day with Sweetteeth, and organize a charity benefit for your favourite animal rescue foundation while you are at it.

100% deductible business events and benefit functions are our specialty!

Sweetteeth will be glad to help you stick it to the tax man!

Include a sweet insulated bag and a pint to go, for an employee appreciation event that will keep things cool! We can customize to include your logo, event, or tagline:)


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