From ‘Surfing the Himalayas’:

“it is hard to imagine thinking in another mode, when you have thought in a particular way all your life. ” -Master Fwap

He says there are only five ways to approach anything:

  1. instinctual
  2. passionate
  3. irrational
  4. hierarchical
  5. relational

I thought, how does this apply to Sweetteeth? As a confection, strategy, ‘artisinal vegan softserve ice cream’ product? As a business and a life?

Obviously, our product has the first covered. Humans just instinctively like ice cream. Uncontroversial:)

Passionate? Hmm. Got that covered. As an events focused vegan installation, you have to be passionate. In a very real way, creating ice cream at an event is a performance challenge. Recipes, new flavours; booking and events planning; logistics and installation. It seems to take a lifetime of effort for a few hours of plating.

Very intense. Mentally and physically demanding. ‘Warning – may contain exhilaration!’.

Irrational! Understatement. You have to be crazy…

Hierarchical. Only in Dad’s mind, hahaha.

Relational. It takes a team, shared effort and creativity, to have an opportunity to share your enjoyment.

It has to taste good, and the smile has to go full circle.

Have a sweet day!




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