Local and Proud

A bit more about what makes Sweetteeth special:

Our main enterprise is an events based vegan desert/iced confection trailer, which attends  all the vegan and vegetarian foodie events in the greater Toronto (and beyond) region, as well as music and cultural festivals. You will often find us at animal rights/rescue charity events.

This is the second year of operation, and even early in the season, we are booked at 10 events. The question we always get asked is: Where can we purchase your products in Toronto? We are working on that…

Sweetteeth is now producing packaged confections, and will be available at farmers markets and specialty vegan outlets this summer, in individual servings and take home pints. Our production of these confections is small batch, undertaken in a commercial kitchen in Toronto.

Over the spring, we have spent considerable effort in modifying our recipes and finding suppliers of local, direct from farm suppliers, to increase the local content, quality, environmental friendliness, and appeal of those products. We are using non-GMO first pressed sunflower oil. Organic Maple Syrup from Ontario is a primary sweetener. We are proud to purchase these direct from the farm.

We also employs beans sourced from Ontario growers.  We have switched to our gluten free waffle recipe to locally grown and milled oat flour.

It only makes sense. Arranging these linkages to local food producers, of the highest quality and taste, is important to us.

A component of our products is sugar. Well, you just can’t buy Ontario produced sugar, although we tried to source beet sugar made from Ontario sugar beets. Also, in trying to make this conversion, we understand that basically ALL sugar produced from beets in North America has at least partially genetically modified plants! Yes, you should be disturbed. Think about food and health security, folks!

Sweetteeth uses only organic cane sugar.

Confession: We use organic coconut milk. There is simply no local vegan substitute. Coconut milk, in our formulations, yields delicious results, and makes our products flavourful, healthy.

Sweetteeth is a considerable consumer of local fruit for our desserts. With the introduction of hard packaged product, we intend to offer seasonal flavours and recipes, with Ontario farmers produce as a the primary ingredient. Look for strawberry, raspberry, cherry, pumpkin pie, and peach flavours.     Last year, in half a season of operation, we topped a LOT of waffles and sundaes with fresh fruit. We will top a HECK OF A LOT more this year:)

Our event installation is a 16 ft trailer trailer, and has been described as ‘the cutest’. The conversion from grimy coffee concession, to an efficient confectionery, was an result of elbow grease and passion.


At summer music and foodie events, our storefront is basically swamped. Almost every phone attached to a customer, has taken photo of the trailer and/or their waffle plates:) Very photogenic and fun!

We are proud to be a local small business, working with other like minded business and organizations.

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