Fantastic Opening Day at Hamilton Vegiefest

Amazing opening day yesterday at Hamilton Veggiefest.

Held in the middle of a flooding Southern Ontario spring, on high ground, at Ancaster Fairgrounds.

Great organization, great event. Beautiful facility! The amazing community in Hamilton came, people ate their heads off. Crafts were sold, information exchanged. A big thank you to the organizers for making this happen, and inviting us:)

The new Sweetteeth menu was a hit!

Vegan milkshakes, craft brewed local root beer (floats!), fantasi candi cane sundaes, and 4 kinds of 100% vegan and organic ice cream, despite rain, wind and risk of frostbite , made it a sweet day.

One thing we failed to do, is take enough pictures. So, I am announcing Sweetteeth Photo Submissions. Post your comments and photos on our Facebook wall, so we can enjoy your enjoyment! We want your pictures.

Ps: ‘No animals were subjected to cruelty in the presentation of this menu.’

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